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Web and mobile development

Website development


от 50 000

Search optimization


от 20 000

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

от 60 000

We design and develop web sites and mobile applications of any degree of complexity. We write any code from scratch, in any language, using a range of technologies which include the principles of agile development. Our websites and applications are fast and reliable, we always gets the job done. Our team members are experienced in their domain of expertise. So even if the team came together recently, we have already managed to develop two major projects: a website dedicated to the artist Serov to the Tretyakov Gallery and the social network Fixmeet.ru
If we do something - we do it well.

Our team:


Nikolay Yakubovsky

Lead web developer


Diane Niyonshuti

Business developer

Alexander Mulyavka

Alexander Mulyavka



Eugene Matsyuk

Team lead mobile developer

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Our advantages:

All of our programmers have over five years of experience. We love and are able to make websites and mobile applications. . We scale the projects in stages, providing the client with reports that give the ability to measure what has been done after each stage. In all projects we can adapt to changes. If there are new ideas, they can be included in the work plan with the next iteration and be implemented in the best way possible.